Comprehensive Late-Model Equipment

Highly skilled STARK & SON tradesmen are backed by a wide range of on-hand excavation and specialty construction equipment: small enough to complete a weekend backyard project, large enough to efficiently excavate for a high-rise building. All equipment is late model, maintained at the shop and ready for service.

Specialty and New Technology

STARK & SON management continually researches and invests in high-productivity specialty equipment and technology, such as vacuum excavation for location of utilities and use in tight situations, GPS staking equipment, and jetter machines for cleaning of existing sewer lines.

State-of-the-Art Safety Equipment
Safety is a top priority at STARK & SON. We continually invest in all equipment required by OSHA to do the job in a safe manner.

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STARK & SON Team Achieves All Safety Certifications

Safety is always a top priority at STARK & SON. We continually invest in all state-of-the-art safety equipment required by OSHA, and all of our employees have completed OSHA's 30 hour training program, as well as refresher courses.

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